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Meet the Members of the Board

Meet the team of individuals who dedicate their time both behind the scenes and on the front lines to provide the best fair experience for all. Fair board member involvement is a year-round endeavor as they work to grow involvement with local businesses, bring events to the fairgrounds to benefit the community and stand behind the fair's mission in fulfilling it's vision for the future.


Dawn Barrett, Woodstock Township*
Kevin Barrett II, Ridgeway Township*
Kevin Brooks, Morenci City*
Ron Cambal, Riga Township
Marty Chrisman, Deerfield Township
Jim Craig, Medina Township
Beth DeJonghe, Macon Township
Don DeJonghe, Adrian Township*
Don Fall, Clinton Township*
Amy Francoeur, Hudson Township*
Dean Lakatos, Fairfield Township
Scott Long, Dover Township
Paul Marks, Cambridge Township
Diane Meyers, City of Adrian*
Joe Ott, At Large
Tyler Pelham, Rome Township
Wayne Roback, At Large
Justin Strahan, Tecumseh Township*
Jessica Stretch, City of Tecumseh
Tim Stutzman, Seneca Township
Jerry Tanner, City of Hudson
Ron Thomson, Ogden Township
Lorrie Tritt, Raisin Township
Jason Wegner, Blissfield Township
Brad Williams, Franklin Township
Rich Yeider, At Large


Jeffrey Long – Fair Manager
Londa Pickles – MSUE Representative

Fair Board Meetings

Fair board meetings are held at 7:30 PM in the Boardroom on the third Thursday of each month except July & December meetings are held the second Thursday of the month. Fair Board meetings are open to the public. 
*Out of geographic area

Become a Board Member

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Seats & Opportunities
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How to apply to be a board member

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