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Dog Contest

2022 Contests

The Lenawee County Fair has many great contests and competitions to enter for the 2022 season. Check out the available contests below and the entry forms for each. 

Queen’s Pageant - Scholarship Only
Sunday, July 24, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.         

Eligibility Requirements:

NEW: Must have a Platform
1.      Must be at least 16 years old, but not older than 22 as of July 1st, current year.
2.      Must be single and without child.
3.      MUST be a Resident of Lenawee County and proof of residency is required (Driver’s License, School Registration, Pay Stub) with registration.
4.      Must perform a talent act on the Bandshell stage and use the technical equipment provided.
5.      Must be available for a group picture, date, time, and place to be announced.
6.      Must be available for Queen’s preliminary judging/interview Monday, July 18th, at 5: p.m. at the 4-H Center.  See application for more information. 
7.      Must be prepared to present talent as will be presented at the pageant.
8.      If crowned as Queen or member of court, REQUIRED to be available for all duties and public appearances throughout the week, ending Saturday night at close of fair.
9.      Entry Fee: $25.00 that is to be paid at the time of registration by sponsoring merchant, civic group, or individual.  In the event a contestant would drop out; the entry fee would be forfeited. 
10.      Must have information regarding sponsor submitted with entry form.
11.      Must be available for queens’ practice sessions and the fair parade.
12.      Entry forms must be submitted to the Lenawee County Fair Office on the   Fairgrounds no later than Friday, July 8th by 4:00 p.m.

o       Queen - $1,000 Scholarship
o       1st Runner up - $500 Scholarship
o       2nd Runner up - $500 Scholarship
o       One must be advancing education to receive scholarship.  No cash awarded.
o       Scholarship is payable in increments of $500 to higher education institute

Decorative Barn Quilts

In 2017, the Lenawee County Fair Roots/Fair Improvement Committee continued the task of inviting our fair friends to decorate our many out buildings with decorative barn quilts. We were so pleased to have barn quilts hung throughout our fairgrounds during fair week. The
barn quilts received many compliments from our fair visitors. Quilts will be displayed again this year at our fair which will be held July 24 – 30, 2022. We are, again, asking our fair friends to participate at our 2022 Lenawee County Fair by making a barn quilt to be hung during fair week. The theme for our 2022 fair is “Red White and Blue – This one’s for you”. We have listed
below the guidelines for our 2022 barn quilt project.

- Barn Quilts – be painted on one of the follow size square boards (Marine wood –
strongly advised)
o 2’ x 2’ These quilts will be hung in smaller size areas on the grounds.
o 4’ x 4’ These will be hung on our outer buildings throughout the fairgrounds.

As a new twist, we will be offering a vinyl option at D’Printer this year, if Marine board continues to be too expensive to use. Approximate cost for 2’ x 2’ is $30; 4’ x 4’ is $120. If interested, please contact Lorrie Tritt for more detail. D’Printer estimates that vinyl quilts can
last 9-10 years, versus the 1-3 years currently seen with marine board. We will need the new quilts brought to the fairgrounds by June 15, 2022 in order to have time to hang them. The quilts may be taken to the Woman’s Congress Building by the Band Shell and
we will gather them from there. We welcome any and all new participants and the project is open to any club, group or individual.

Please submit your entries to Lorrie Tritt or mail to 5990 S Occidental Hwy, Tecumseh, MI 49286. Entries need to include NAME (CLUB/GROUP/INDIVIDUAL), PHONE NUMBER AND/OR EMAIL, AND QUILT SIZE: 2x2 or 4x4.

Round Bale Decoration Contest

Teams who participate in this event may be:

4-H Group, Non-Profit Organization, Private Business, etc.

Limited to the first 15 teams who submit their detailed fair oriented round bale decoration idea.


One round bale will be provided NO COST TO ENTER!
Participants will be notified of the location of their bale by July 11th
Bales must be decorated between Monday, July 18th and Thursday, July 22nd

Entries will be judged and prizes awarded on Sunday, July 24th

$50 for 1st, $25 for 2nd and $10 for 3rd

Grandstand Motorsports Event Participants

Would you like to participate in the following grandstand motorsports events at the 2022 fair? 

Download the Rules and Application and submit to the fair office with your application fee.


  • Figure 8 Car and Truck Demo - Monday, July 25th at 7PM

  • Figure 8 Car and Truck Demo - Wednesday, July 27th at 7PM

  • Tuff Truck and Car Competition - Saturday, July 20th at 7 PM

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